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About Us

Why Choose Bed n Boxes L.L.C.?

Our mattresses are designed to fit customers’ needs. Over the past year, we have listened to your opinions and from this, we have been able to produce a range of mattresses in a box that are not only tailored to your ergonomic and aesthetic needs but also specialty sleeping preferences. Whether that be a tailored orthopedic mattress or your budget needs, we have a range of luxury mattresses available to suit you.

We are many people’s first choice when it comes to choosing their next mattress because we cater for the whole family. We understand the needs of every generation, that’s why we take pride in listening to our customers here at Bed n Boxes. 

Quick responses and a lower prices are attributes with Bed n Boxes LLC, we promise that you will enjoy our mattresses delivered at your doorstep and know that we are the number one choice when it comes to bed in a box! Give us a call and speak to one of our representatives at 385-999-3735 or email us at


We Support Our Community

We are a locally-owned business with the goal of building strong communities and bringing people together and we accomplish this by contributing to local causes we love and cherish. We pledge to help our community and also take pride in serving others!


We Keep Our Promises

We are 100% committed to empowering our customers to choose and learn to care for the perfect mattress that will bring them years of lasting comfort. Our assurance of a superior and quality product for our customers symbolizes our commitment to excellence in everything that we do here at Bed n Boxes. 


A Great Mattress at the Best Price Period!

At Bed n Boxes LLC, we specialize in keeping our mattress discounted price compared to big mattress stores. We sell directly from the manufacturer an help save you money.  As a result, we can offer top quality mattresses at the BEST PRICE you'll find ANYWHERE, UP TO 70% BELOW RETAIL VALUE!

It's our mission is to get you an unmatched sleep experience that works great for your budget, for every member of your home, every age, and every sleep need!

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