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What They’re Saying

My old mattress was worn out causing me great back and shoulder pain. So i ended up ordering this on a 50% off sale and couldn't be any happier with it. It's perfectly firm with a nice bit of softness that conforms around your body. It shipped to my house in an orderly manner with no damage to the box and set up was easy. I would recommend the mattress to anyone looking for a firm mattress in a box.

Big Mike G

First time buying a mattress without ever testing it out phyiscally and I got to say the bed feels amazing! Firm but pretty soft. Not overwhelmingly soft where the bed dramatically sinks in when sat on but soft enough to actually feel the bed shape you just enough. My cat is also in love so its pet approved as well!

L Rios

I was a little skeptical about this purchase, but so far, so good! The mattress arrived rolled and folded in half and vacuum-packed in a heavy box, and once I started unwrapping, it began to "exhale" and expand. It has continued to expand over the course of the day, but it's not quite to its full 12" yet. The pillow top seems a little flat, but I'm hopeful that expands, too, but when I laid down on it to test it, it was super comfortable! There is no chemical odor whatsoever. 

J Donald

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