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SleepInc 10" Hybrid Medium Firm Bed in a Box

SleepInc 10" Hybrid Medium Firm Bed in a Box

The SleepInc™ 10" cushion firm hybrid mattress comes conveniently delivered in a box. It has a comfort cover with deep quilting for immediate soft comfort when you lie down. Underneath, there is a layer of soft OmniSense™ Comfort Foam for fast comfort and relaxation. The CoolingGel™ Memory Foam offers lumbar support and has all the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam with cooling gel-infusion for a cooler sleep surface.


SupportSense™ Comfort Foam helps deliver firm support that is designed to resist unwanted body impressions. Finally, the support layer at the base features an IsoCore™ with Edge Zoning. It’s unique design ergonomically supports the body and reduces partner disturbance with zoned edge support for stability and consistency. The open design ensures airflow, breathability and efficient heat transfer.

This mattress contains CertiPUR-US® certified foams made without harmful chemicals.


At SleepInc™ we believe in making a great night’s sleep affordable for more people. We believe in good stuff, it’s that simple. No gimmicks, just quality and comfort for your best night’s sleep at a great price.

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